Lyrics to 6 AM
6 AM Video:
6 a.m. and cold as i am,
you cannot hurt me now.

they say one can't live on thought alone.

i put my trust in you.
that's what this daylight knows.
and as feelings show
green lights everywhere.

as you're lying here.
and you're wondering,
"does this ever end?"
and you think:

"i'm always the wrong one to ask."
you'll say and then lie here wondering.
if you really believed that you hated me
then why did it take so long?

and is it really the thought that counts?

the motion's the same
what's behind it has changed.
(it's there to remind.)
the colors and the shapes
and the words are erased
away in time.
the look is the same
as it's all been arranged in perfect lines.
you're destined to something
(what's worse is probably mine.)
the motion's the same
but the question remains
and i won't tell a soul.
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