Lyrics to 619 239-King
619 239-King Video:
Well, I want to know,
Man, is Elvis Alive?
Yeah, I've got to know,
Man, is Elvis Alive?
Hey, I've gotta cut through
All this tabloid jive.

Well, I listened to the tapes
of the woman on Larry King
I'd give anything just to hear him sing again.
Elvis, pick up that phone
and give me a ring.

C'mon now, Elvis. Won't you call me?

Now, Elvis. This is a real number.
It don't cost a whole lot to call.
Now some of you folks out there might know where Elvis is,
you can call too and tell me.
I ain't talking 'bout the Bat-Phone.
It's the E-Phone.

Danny Partidge, Wayne Newton, and Liberace.
I don't wanna get no calls from none of you fools you see.
Only Tom Jones and the big E can call me.
Yeah, you know the number.

Play that thing, man.

(1st Instrumental Break)

Some people say you live on an island
With Marylin Monroe.
And every night Jim Bo Morrison
Puts on a great big show.
And when you get sick,
You call up Dr. Nick

Elvis, if you're coming back
You've gotta do it right.
No Vegas, no movies,
Just leather, black and tight.
If I can dream, Mystery Train
Come on Elvis, give me a ring at...

(2nd Instrumental Break)

I'm gonna get Lisa Marie to marry me.
I'm gonna get Lisa Marie to marry me.
Then I'll call Elvis my great big daddy.
Hey, you wanna know when the wedding is? Call me Elvis at...

Operators are standing by.
Give me a call, man.
Yeah, if the phone's busy, try again.

No, I don't wanna talk to Sonny.
I sure don't want to talk to Lamar.
Albert Goldman, kiss by butt.

E-P, Phone Home.
I said,...
E-P, Phone Home.
Give me a call, Elvis.
Now, I won't tell The Colonel
Or the Weekly World News either, man. Come on, call me boy.

(Phone rings)
Say what?
You want me to do what?
Get Priscilla in the white underwear and the big black mascara
and the hair sticking way up high.
Then then you'll come running fast?
Say you're going to get in the big Cadillac and see me?
Oh Elvis I'm gonna get Priscilla for you boy! Whoo, yeah!


How, how how.
(Scatting Elvis style)
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