Lyrics to 60 Bars
60 Bars Video:
I won't deny it, I'm a straight rider
You don't wanna fuck, with me
Got the police, busting at me
SES, be my fucking family
I won't deny it, I'm a straight rider
You don't wanna fuck, with me
S.U.C., yeah we started history
Here's 60 bars, from your boy E.S.G

My ambitions as a rider, Screwed Up Click Southsiders
Somebody get some pliers, a bullet's stuck inside ya
That's what you get bitch, trying to wear a wire
Trying to catch me my fucking click, and my supplier
Fake kings and bosses, you niggaz be some liars
Ghetto guerilla, I'm a killer that's for hire
Freestyle King, bitch I'm known to spit that fire
Entrpreneour, of this fucking empire
Fat lady singing, it sound like a choir
Chopper start spitting, there'll be no survivors
Bitch we getting money, more assets to acquire
Homerun hitter like Barry Bonds, Beltron or McGuire
Orange Lex Cheves, 300 for the tires
22's or 24's, 26's they sit wider
Ocean of Funk, Sailin' Da South
Return of the Living Dead, when them FED's let me out
Spit that Shinin' & Grindin', had the City Under Siege
Boss Hogg Outlaws, SES family
All American Gangsta, independent rich as fuck
Versatile platinum smile, watch the King switch it up
Yeah give me that mic and I'm wrecking mayn, Louisiana and Texas mayn
Colored stones in the necklace mayn, got the chrome you plexing mayn
Sipping on bar my bed is swollen, hotel suite with Kelly Rowland
Arkansas Alabama, ATL them Cheves rolling
D-Town niggaz they up in hurr, sipping Grey Goose fuck a Burr
Like Tim Duncan of the Spurs, playoff time I'm always thurr
Bitch ass niggaz ain't stopping us, always got my glock to bust
Sniper scope through your throat, pop go show we stopping guts
Like Ron Artest I'm throwing heads, candy blue and rolling red
Crips Bloods cops shackles, fuck with me get a hole in your head
SES and E.S.G., y'all got pennies we got G's
Y'all got blunts we got trees, y'all got crumbs we got ki's
Bitch ass niggaz ain't scared to clash, 40 Cal. infrared to blast
Got a lil' money and a lil' bread, now y'all got y'all head in y'all ass
Niggaz like me we staying true, ghetto bred still banging Screw
Me and my niggaz still coming through, keep one in that chamber fool
Cupcake niggaz in danger fool, marvadites can't hang with you
Got some do' y'all changing fool, what am I a stranger fool
Packing pistols launching missiles, diamonds glissen heard me Mr
Fuck a bitch but I won't kiss her, put a lil' syrup up in my twister
Run with apes and orangatangs, like a train changing lanes
Run over niggaz like it ain't no thang, put a peep hole inside your brain
Hit the stang sold the caine, next thing ya know the FED's came
Bitch ass nigga he was a snitch, had a hidden camera in his chain
Like Ben Wallace in the paint, think you could move me but you can't
Gone on drank gone on dank, half-pound nigga no we ain't
Me and Stacks we in the Rover, cops pulled Jay Ferrari over
Sin and Craig y'all know they sober, I'm back seat with the cheuffer
Pack heat nigga when it's colder, pack heat nigga in the summer
60 clip anaconda, street sweeper sound like thunder
Yeah you know it's going off, we murder stars
Your boy E.S.G. just split ya, bitch it's 60 bars g'yeah

[Hook x2]
I won't deny it, I'm a straight rider
You don't wanna fuck, with me
Got the police, busting at me
SES, be my fucking family
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