Lyrics to 500 Deep
500 Deep Video:
I see where you are
What can I say
but how much I'd love to find you
lying here this way
how much I dare
what do you care
to see me leaving here
was all a game to you
Sleeping too long
as far as I see
and how much I'd love to find you
lying here with me
some things I said
are better off dead
now 500 miles apart
is what I am to you
I slip into, thoughts of summer
this space of mine, as all of you
you seem to me, thoughts of summer
the snow am I, covers the ground
and all my thoughtful rhymes
this space and time, is still only you
I thought I could, still win you over
under this sky, that's washed with grey
and now my sun, is 500 over
600 deep, is still so blue
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