4 My Peeps (Buckwild Version) Lyrics

Red Hot Lover Tone

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Lyrics to 4 My Peeps (Buckwild Version)
4 My Peeps (Buckwild Version) Video:
(feat. M.O.P., Notorious B.I.G., Prince Poetry)

[Biz Markie] (Get on the mic)

Check it out yo

[ Red Hot Lover Tone ]
For all my muthafuckin niggas, word to Hurb, we got stupider
Runnin mad circles round your crew like Jupiter
Oops, I mean Saturn, rappers sadden
Cause I madden, I have been, suckers wish they hadn't
I'm baggin the bitches grabbin my pockets - fatten
Like Madden, then I just lamp like Aladdin
So what you gonna do when I come through your town
With mad niggas who +love+ bein locked down
Facin convictions, throwin caniptions
I got more riches than them royal Egyptians
Step to this mic, you're a goner
Cause Red Hot Lover's right on like Cynthia Horner
I better warn ya, you'll get your ass kicked, I'm blasted
That's it, I drop it like a clumsy black bastard
I'm gettin figures from my rap niggas
Got my shit-kickers, yo, this is for my niggas

[The Notorious B.I.G.]
Introducin the black bastard from Bedrock
Guaranteed to make your head rock
Tote Glocks, drop cops that mistake me for Rodney, strictly headshots
I knock the twist out your dreadlocks
Who got the props? Biggie
Who got the Glock? Biggie
But who is he?
You can't get my description
You need a prescription
Two doses of the ferocoius
Feel the weight when I'm crushin them
Bumrushin em, stuffin em
I put the pressure on em, hon
Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ
He's just nice, he just sliced
Like a ginzu, look what I been through
The Brooklyn streets, the obese thug nigga from the East
The black nine, hard to find muthafucka
After the rhyme press rewind, muthafucka
Strictly for my niggas

[Prince Poetry of Organized Konfusion]
I nod my head cause the flavor hovers over
The Universal Soldier of hip-hop, somebody shoulda told ya
40 Projects Southside Jamaica Queens, please don't
[??]Sleepwalk[??] the unforbidden when most MC's won't
Check it, if you ever felt sceptic about my intellect, it's
Hectic, I'm like antisceptic on record
Disinfect your [?????], sound seizen your sector
Local areas, across seas, even in Rome and Mecca
I'm known, Prince, Organizin with the Red Hot Lover
And the bad brother Biggie Smalls from another
Planet called Brooklyn, hey good lookin
Do you like it, hot chocolate after dark, uh, or scared to get you hooked in
You might have to seek medical attention, the unforgettable type
Representin my niggas rockin, rockin the mic right
Harcore M.O.P. type shit
Peace to my other half and my niggas doin bids

[Li'l Fame of M.O.P.]
I used to start more shit than high school bullies
I was doin my thing since my nigga Bu-Bang used the steel carts for pullies
I break niggas up like referees
Put em on point, pack out my joint and makin em move like refugees
Li'l Fame rep, is Brooklyn down still?
Niggas that fuck around'll catch a beatdown from Brownsville
I'm goin all out the western way
Old school or new school, I beat your ass like it's freshmen's day
[Billy Danzenie of M.O.P.]
For y'all wanna-be MC's f.a.g.'s
You gon' fuck around and make that nigga Bill squeeze
I'm representin for all mines with nines
Hardcore's in town, my niggas that get down
A Hillfigure on the trigger (true)
Them Crooklyn sounds that pounds and break through
Stopped puffin the lye, still sippin the brew
So I be on cruise when you snooze and then you loose

[Red Hot Lover Tone]
(It's Li'l Fame, muthafucka - slap, Little Mallet)
Word, and Red Hot Lover Tone tossin suckers like salad
Incredible vocabulary comin from the Brooklyn freak
Peace to Fulton Street
Knuckleheads'll get wrecked with the quick mic-check
My intellect shows no respect for suckers who slept
In fact my rap style attracts
I have your girl lookin for me in broad daylight with a flashlight
- pillow and matress on her back
Cause yo shit is wack
So here goes the No-Doze, I'm puttin it on foes who oppose
Comin off like porno pantie hose
Peace to Organized Konfusion and B.I.G.
The M.O.P., from R-e-d
For all my niggas in the NYC
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