Lyrics to 4 A.M.
4 A.M. Video:
I woke up at 4 AM couldnt go back to sleep they were fighting outside my window I heard a bottle smashed to the street there was blood on the sidewalk people were walking by pretending not to see until somebody stopped and called the police its the same old story its not the first time it wont be the last the cpos pulled up and an officer asked whats going on? she answered in a trembling voice he didnt do anything she said its all my fault it must have been something i said something i did he says hes sorry she says it is OK its all my fault she just keeps on blaming herself blaming herself afraid of losing the little she has she would rather stay in this situation keep on living in this abusive relation "cause they thaught her its best for the children to grow up with both mom and dad

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