Lyrics to 42 Days
42 Days Video:
I understand The problem
Never thought that it would leave me empty
I don't expect you leave me something...
I could hold on to
Crashing windows made you feel so lucky
Being caught was like a whole new beating
Now, you're gone I'm feeling so unlucky
Way too much guilt...but now
You've been lying in that small box for 42 days, But I'm still left behind, oh yeah
Are you thinkin' I've got something I didn't say? There's nothing else to say........
Many people tried to save you somehow
They could never reach you quite as I did
I've been living your life til it crumbled
My anger's fading now
They'd question all your problems; shameless, What's your problem, is it self explaining?
I don't think they worry too much about you, I find it hard sometimes
Life's a bitch, ain't it? Hardly fakin' it.
Aren't you really fuckin' sick of it all?
Lengths and silences, no words just violence
We've been taking our chances..............
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