Lyrics to 42 49
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I want the sun, I want the moon
I curse the devil, I curse god
I deny hell, I deny heaven
my curse will not be broken, ever!

I will torture god in heaven if he won't bend to his knees
I will slay the devil in hell if he doesn't grant my needs

I'll achieve it all, you're to fall and die this night
this is the seventh night, it may even cost my life
beyond all good, beyond all evil, beyond all love and all the hate
beyond your fate, beyond my hate, your tragic end I now await

god in your heaven, hear what I say
devil in hell, grant all for which I pray

on the first night: bosatsu towards the south
on the second: kannon towards the west
on the third night: seishi towards the east
on the fourth: amida in the north

on the night of the seventh rite
I want the sun, I want the moon
I want the day turned into night
I spit at heaven and I spit at hell

I stalk the night,
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