Lyrics to 40 Degrees
40 Degrees Video:
All these years pounding my hands into broken glas
with the only will to go on

How much can you take 'til you crack and shit weights you down?
You taught me to see it this way it's never with, only against us

Pushed back once, twice fucking way too far
Almost loosing myself in this
yeah, you give a shit, i know nut i realize even more
when another face dropped off a bridge, the next proof
of what you put us thru

My generation fucking drowns
that's where we live in here
Life - death now choose, it's the beginning of the end

keep your head up and show'em what you got

Step by step I walk back along the enemy lines
step by step i walk back victory is mine

40 Degrees and temper's rising

i will not surrender i will not ... D.B.D
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