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Lyrics to 3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)
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I'm here and it's clear I'm gonna flow so yo black
Just get on up or yo get the bozak
Cuz it ain't Kojak or Dr. Suess
It's the kid muther fucker and I'm gonna get loose
Cuz I got the juice to spruce and get nice and
so enticing strong like a bison
Ruff like brandy and no one knows
that I got more riffs than Randy Rhoads
Smash, slash and when I trash I bash
I get ill I chill but u don't know the half
I trip I rip and though I think I'm slick
I'm nothin but a funky country hick
But I still get down with a sound that pumps
and u can hear me from the trucks and the trunks that bump
Never been questioned by the F.B.I
although I've tried every method just to get high
L.S.D. is what I'm trippin on
And O.E. bitch is what I'm sippin on
A big fat booty's what I'm grippin on
but for now I'm gonna rock and keep rippin on
Down to the muther fuckin A.M.
as I co bump and jump and keep the crowd in mayhem
No brain no pain...Now c'mon yall and tell me what's my name
3 sheets 2 the wind is the state I'm in
Half off the wagon with my feet draggin
Taggin hoes gettin lots of trim
gettin jocks and props for all the spots I rock
I'm true I'm blue like Captain Kangaroo
and for the few who knew yo I'm a bang for you
Becuz the Kid Rock ain't no bitch yo
and I ain't no radio wanna get rich ho
So count my props you can't get with me and fuck all u cops u ain't shit to me
But hoes with guns playin hard for fun
so stay off my dick becuz I ain't the one
And for anyone tryin to bust me up
U better chill with that tryin to fuck me up
And if you're talkin shit I'm gonna shut ya up
and all ya wack D.J.'s I'm gonna cut ya up
Cuz I don't give a fuck about no one
and when I wax I tax and that's just how it goes son
Yo ain't no sucker
Cuz I'm the kid.."rock muther fucker"
Straight from Mo-town and I won't slow down
I cease the cheese M.C,'s I moe down
And I show no shame cuz I'm down for mine
now tell me what's my name
It ain't Eric Clapton and this ain't slowhand
I'm the kid ya dig and I'm a rock the whole land
Cuz no man can make a track this grand
and if you know what I know than just....
Songwriters: RITCHIE
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