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when i born to lose
c'mon muthafucker pick and chose
between win or lose
baby shoes, high-heeled shoes
interviews, or kangaroos
skatin down fuckin avenues
wit you bag full of barbecues
and suddenly i blow a fuse
god she said i look like a porcupine
would it be better if i took a hike with frankenstein
maybe i'll start thinking of giving my bike to palestine
meet my friend brit
she get real pissed off when muthafuckers ain't feelin her shit
she'll make you bleed if you fuck around with her per fit
you see her walkin round, clit ring and all, talkin your skit
k that's enuff for one verse
i don't think i cud've done no worse
so let me give you one of those that i put real well, gun curse

(chorus)that's part of my story, if you wanna be firm
brit'll put it down your pants, yea the earthworm
don't wanna be sorry, don't eat the bad germ
if you do, just drink the pachiderm

can my songs really make you get up and dance
well if they can, stay seated and take you cup to france
i think that bitch still wants that fuckin poppin chance
think of 50, dre, and eminem
they all battled and got succes and fame
fuck benzino
he called my man slim a feminem, see now
i never really had much 'pac influence
me had m.mathers and used it awful fluent
part of my life i was taught in fight and anger
my people won't let me hide my middle finger
but everyday i teach the good things to my little sista's
they only 2,3 years younger than me
but still need my help to be succesful in life, you see
and you really shud be givin that punch rite to me


you think i'm violent
well think again, if you want i'll let you alone in the silent
with my shit and weed i get high and thow a fit to anyone that gets close to my hand
my parents announced they were gonna get a divorce
it just became a lot worse
the whole opposite of me doin a verse
with a bunny or a horse
infact, what i had i'll never get it back
i'll always have this sick mind in me
but what the fuck, just let my shit be
there's a bug walkin 'long my ceilin
i ain't really fellin
yea that or this muthafuckin beatin


i luv ya'll
fuck me
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