3 In Tha Morn Lyrics



Lyrics to 3 In Tha Morn
Check one, two
It's your boy, uh

Three in the morning, I’m putting pen to the sheets
I'm rollin' uno deep
With a hot promise and no defeat
All my enemies washed, rinse and repeat
We wage war with no pistols possibly poppin’ out
Send you to hell and watch Christopher Walken walk you down
You was my son, now you a foster child
We was dirty, still ain't proper now
Yeah, that's your bitch, you better lock her down
'Cause they not to be trusted
Nuts like you was meant to be busted
Still the grimiest nigga, no diamonds encrusted
Swear this industry weird
Now I notice when fakes around me
Funny how quickly those who will take us surround me
Funny how Ugly God died when I arrived, that's astounding
Mumble rap is dying, 'for he go, I'm just takin' it’s bounty
Been on this boom bop shit ’cept I do it profoundly
My only friend is probably Jen from accounting
Sixteen, I found her death was astounding
Drowning a six-pack
Carton smokin' a zig-zag
Had to escape the riff raff
For the clan, I got my pistol click back
Used to money after flippin’ that sack
But now it's music and I'll never look back
Aspirations of my pockets while fat, huh
With no goals of the common one
Y'all just want the rolls while I’m just tryna put my mom in one
'Til she lookin' down on me like, "Sorry son"
Paid for mine in full, you had to borrow one
I am The Almighty, y'all are Charlatans
Diggin' rappers graves just like I'm farmin' 'em
Gearin' up for war, let's get to armin' 'em
I'm just gettin' built like Charmin Ultra Strong
Trippin' over death like while I spark a bong
It's either you or me, I got my target on
Gattlin' gun, just left your whole apartment, gone
Similar to memos when I start a song
I know you think I'm fire and you hardly wrong
These other niggas cheesy, call 'em Parmesan
That's how the domino falls
Press you like the red button when the local hoe calls
She probably wanna throw it like a snowball
I play for high stakes, you got the low ball
You niggas smokin' Reggie, got no balls
Henny got me leanin' like a no stall
Spit the raps that make your scrotum float off