Lyrics to 3 Gangsters
3 Gangsters Video:
(feat. Mr. Sancho)

[Royal T: Talkin]
Ay homies, we can't forget about the real Mr. Sancho
Ay Sancho, drop that shit homie

[Mr. Sancho]
15 in the clip and 1 in the chamber
playa haters out to apress my anger
talkin that shit, pick it up as a problem
Fuck wit this pelon y end up in a sorrow
people wanna play every day when i say
What do they see haters on the microphone
Bring it on so I can get my silence on
Now catch my lyrical hit list
Come through wit my physical fitness
What do you to the vato that sickness
It's a battle of the rapper who's quickest
It's Stilo once again down to say mothafuckas it's about to being
my music goes out to the end to the end
Low Profile
Comin at you wit the sickness
Comin at you wit my lyircal quickness
End up on my hit list
And realize it's a battle of the fitest
I end up top so you know I'm gonna drop
And the party never stops in Diego
Rippin em up like playdo
Introducin my brand new lable
Haters better stay low cause fatal
Lyricaly, but I'm still down physicaly

[Royal T: Talkin]
Come on fool, beats over
Damn fool you be gettin carried away
What are you tryin to prove
Familia Records ain't shit
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