Lyrics to 3 Chords
3 Chords Video:
The only real thing I've learned along the way
Is nothing is for sure so I take it day by day

Well its like a fucked up game with a million different teams all competing against each other with a million different schemes, some people always seem to win, but others never leave the bench, others want to bend the rules but some just want to play it safe
But enough about that I don't even want to play cause once you start all the rules always seem to change, we've all been slapped up in the face, but still we get back up and play, if this is all the future holds I think I'm ready to go home.
Every single one of us wants to be seen and heard! But don't go cramping your own styles just to satisfy the herd

I know theirs pressure constantly building up inside so much, sometimes its like I can't get off this fucked up ride, That's when I filter out all the shit that I don't need like jobs and lack of money, all kinda taken to seriously, its like a constant battle between logic and emotion that's when I weigh it out and figure out just where I'm going
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