Lyrics to 360 Degrees
360 Degrees Video:
Yeah Infinite Lockdown Yeah Yo I'll tell you 'bout a drama Of this wild girl for real She was wilder than most of them street cats for real The black Pamela Anderson Barb Wire or similar Crisp like a gold plated dessert eagle she dealt with ya Sky's the limit a lady thug underneath Watch all the huslters givin' nuff respect to Shanice Had mad connects but half of them would have to risk life To make a million was the biggest goal on her rife She just engraved it, small, right on the outside of the barrell Couldn't really notice it unless you looked close like choaclate goes Right by the light post She juggled on the corner with a blown barb Bleed you through nights, a couple slugs Dark blocks always run hot, heat up your spot Anything done, comes with consequence, sometimes suspend shot Forever guide you as long you stay strong The real girl relate to these words, the last don [Chorus] 'round and 'round it goes, but I still strive I'm human, I'm human The dollar sign is what controlled her life But never mistaken Yo, you wanna hear about Shanice She livin' in this cold world Walks with a shotty, response for nobody Streetwise, on a street level they try to take yours Try to run your mouth with these ops between your jaws She knows how to draw cocked hammers and four fours Must've ride in under her lingere in the top drawer Sometimes she feels she gotta rock a vest For the types of work she's invovled wit' Rob all your goods, make you strip One night, a bachelor got locked off in the west Ah yeah, they done it too fast, the house under heard a gun blast A wild wannabe be one, right through the ceiling Now everybody gotta leave, house is fogged up from trees Shanice is on her way out, she bucked a girl she had drama wit' Back then once, but never seen since She's in the eyes of others, but too vexed to hear her told Me be in this last verse, and watch this drama unfold [Chorus] She was a girl who didn't hesitate to deal with your case The other girl, her man was drapin' it, and all in her face Didn't love the drama, but dealt wit it when came to it Like the flame fluid in a lighter, same to it Half drunk, her man grabbed Shanice by the arm She made a quick dip, down in her kicks she kept her ops Tight right beside her ankle braclet She pulled it out and beat a pair grains Whoever stood around, she put you involved The girl, she picked up one inside her abdomin Her man picked up one inside the arm for trying to hold on Same time she fled the scenery, on the way out She dropped her little ankle braclet, but she figured it out Only until she got home, she seen it gone, knew the risk Turn on the TV, city news lookin' for clues But months later, the time dragged on and caught up It's comin' back around like three sixty, but born shifty Twice hard, you either get turned or get time Some stellos get to turn you quick and instant, no fines Somebody knocked the door a couple light times out in the cold She didn't see nobody standin' outside through the peephole That's where she made a wrong move and opened up the door Kid jumped up, from behind the wall, holdin' a big four Bare face, didn't have a mask That's why she recognized him from the past, kid started to blast Blew one for the incident Two in her neck back Three for his cousin that she killed a couple months back She titled then collapsed and find her sleepin' in the doorway Floodin' the hallway, what goes around will come to the long way

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