Lyrics to #33 Forever
#33 Forever Video:
Fuck swinging for the stars my nigga I'mma grab the moon
Own the summer and marry June
Carry on my legacy so everyone ahead of me
Could understand why I jumped the broom
Living in a motha fucken hole
Tryna get a hold on my motha fucken soul
Spitting with the feeling got the rhythm and the healing
For the villains who be living and killing carry they vision up in prison like
I'mma live for them make sure to raise they kids for them
Save what I made to be able to wave on a stage with a mic
Ain't no one really

Yeah yeah yeah
I know this is my year so
I'll make it crystal clear that
You you you
Should step up out my way cause
Move mountains everyday
I move em all
Yeah short or tall
I move em all
Yeah large or small
I move em all

Super lyrical no subliminals all reality all a miracle all phenomenal astronomical
Hating ass dudes
Fall like dominoes yeah I grind put the money in the envelope
Yeah I rhyme but I'm real on another note
Walk through hell with my all black vans on
Spit on the devil put his crown on my head now
Spit that fire
King of the sadness master of madness
Marked on the atlas
Queens on the map quest
Stress it is at rest now I am at best
Passin the last test
Asking you what's next!

I know this is my year
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