Lyrics to 30 Minutes
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[Couplet 1] : Mama, Papa forgive me
Out of sight, out of mind
Out of time to decide
Do we run? Should I hide
For the rest of my life
Can we fly? Do we stay?
We could lose we could fail
And the more minutes take
To make planer, or mistakes

[Refrain] : 30 minutes, a blink of an eye
30 minutes to alter our lives
30 minutes to make up my mind
30 minutes to finally decide
30 minutes to whisper your name
30 minutes to shelter the blame
30 minutes of bliss, 30 lies
30 minutes to finally decide

[Couplet 2] : Carousels in the sky
That we shape with our eyes
Under shade silhouettes casting
Shapes crying rain
Can we fly do I stay
We could lose, we could fail
Either way, options change
chances fail, Trains derail.


To decide, to decide, to decide
To decide
To decide, to decide, to decide
To decide
Songwriters: Shapovalov, Ivan / Galoyan, Sergei / Kierszenbaum, Martin / Polienko, Valery
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
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