Lyrics to 300 Shots
300 Shots Video:
G-Unit - 300 Shots [50 Cent - Verse 1] Y'all niggas spend too much time watchin' flicks Who you wanna be? Tony Montana n s**t? Well you can start, right before his ass get hit So when I walk up you can see the shotgun spit Ferrari roof go down, Lam doors go up I got big boy toys, when you gon' grow up? Nigga knick knack pattywack, give a dog a bone Im still down to sell crack got a fiends home God bless the child with a flawless flow Say gave a nigga the talent to push blow like a pimp watch a hoe, I watch the grams go Watch the stash grow, straight cash flow im a hundred time bigger than Preme in his prime 100 mill in my account and Im still on the grind When you aint in my clique, its hard to shine I mean talent like this is so hard to find G-Unit! [Tony Yayo - Verse 2] I don't dream now that i'm livin, Im out to get it My truck bomb kitted an AK can hit it Im a rap tycoon, I was fly in the whom So Im gettin ass like a public bathroom I went from Rikers Island, to shows at the garden Automatic startin' in the drop got your b***h p***y fartin My album about to drop in 7 days But I still poke a rapper at the VMA's Kilo's in a gram, PO's be my fans That's why I'm overseas doin shows in Japan I got Gats from the future, see-through guns So when my bullets leave the chamber I can see you run Nigga I flip my advance before I ran through it Cuz that money turn haters into that barmen fluid My dope be a 8, from a 1 to 10 Keepin in a cool place from Uncle Ben [Muder Mase - Verse 3] You know you messin' with a nigga that do this for a livin' Put two in the street while theres two in the kitchen Put guns in niggaz mouth like "Who's u dissin'?" We give for they knew who u was missin, nigga You can either have a gun at the chain, or one at the brain I have hoes back of the church, hummin' ya name Even then I feel it's like cheat my men Watch God leave the sky to come and greet my men I pop niggas in the chest they never breathe again Route 20 in the fitness see the streets again Whats a man tryna wake up who cant wake up? Back guards face straight up with kinds of make up Cuz eveyrtime I run, scream, pop a 3-80 I hear a mother scream "Please not my baby!" Quick as I see its you, bullets will hit you, boy Your nobody so no one will miss you Queens start to kickin' its too much to get through Leave a nigga leakin' like an Indian ritual Who wanna run up on me they get known quick I blackout then snatch your chrome clique Leavin' jail in '91, made Im homesick Move Pow-Fu like a Farrakhan atonement Raised in, caged in, let my ways spin Face wrapped up like a Saudi Arabian [Young Buck - Verse 4] A country nigga still lookin' for a New York hoe About to kill these niggas with this New York flow Say one nigga name homie you gon' go You in that Hot97 so New York know I use to listen to Jada I've never listened to Joe I couldnt tell ya how now one of his verses go Seen Styles and Sheek out, doin promo I was like "What Up?" and they was like "Uh-Oh!" I aint just get cold, see my block been hot 50 give me the word, niggas would have been pop f**k a interview nigga I get into you nigga Enough hearin' 'bout what you finna do nigga [Prodigy - Verse 5] Murder at its best, this is rap at its finest You can see my verse, even if you the blindest My raps is vivid, ya b***h I hit it All ready, yeah that's right this is spaghetti Head mob niggas, my gun bomb niggas Go 'head and shoot, my pistol nuke niggas When I let off the whole Earth feel the effects I mix CD's and treat 'em like album s**t Our albums, we treat 'em like the president elections On our champagne campaign livin' up dresses On the dance flo' the Hennessee it flow When you f**k with G-Unit then you gon' f**kin' blow When you f**k with Mobb Deep, then bring some f**kin' hoes Cuz its a gang of us and we ready to go Cuz after the party after the party we get so drunk We forget all about the next day hun [Havoc - Verse 6] Get it teflon don, AK-filled Get your mouth blown off like the hand that feeds you Yeah little motherf**ker put the hammer in diesel G-Unit Game Over this is only a preview Niggas s**ttin' on theyself gotta rock in the huggy The coke in the pot rise to the top like dougy Got chicks with a ass like Buffy, yes homie trust me Plays f**k me, kick 'em out when they try to get touchy QB/Southside, if you wanted to Trestle Man your man is hot, you dont wanna get next to Like 50's beef is mine and mine is his See this serious, motherf**kin ask them kids Niggas wild on the streets, scared to death to bid Sell anything that stay from the bottles and cuffs, nigga butt [Billy Danze - Verse 7] You about to witness an M.O.P thug out And for you niggas hatin' listen to the sounds of the Unit kiss my ass with your tongue out, nigga f**k a warden I ring bells like a doorman So all you motherf**kers take it easy like sunday mornin (Get 'em up!) Put 'em up, wrap ya hand or knuckle up Ground zero we never ran never will we f**k 'em up Dude you gonna get your ass banged f**kin' with that homie Lloyd Banks Wild gun style what the f**k y'all think.. [Lloyd Banks - Verse 8] Niggas aint got nuttin' on me, everybody know that Niggas run up on a V, everybody gon' clap And if he aint what he say, n everybody gon rats Just rat, and catch your little body all rats Matter'fact, I dont hang out with no lobby for rats (Nah) The gun swallow me back off Bacardi and Yack Im in the club with the snub, this the part of the track A stray from the K will take a part of ya hat Im gettin cake like you wouldnt believe but im accepted By mainstream America and good in the piece Now niggaz wanna talk all greasy (why) Like they aint used to open up for me in New York on tv (Ya know) Skip all chatter, and walk off Eazy A milly will make your body looker look all measly Ya b***h spotted me on the dolo and Im low-low Damn near broke a monolo for a photo I aint ridin' around with a Dodo that's a No-No Momma taught me better than that you go to go home Look at me now, a product of poverty I cant watch the way I gotta decide a me The 'hoods fulla hurt but that was a robbery Critics owe me an apologee, Im probably A sixteen away from the lottery My niggas keep guns, thats one of the things I gotta be Im wrapped up in a dome s**t, cause nigga got all kinds of beef they want ya to come get Im 2 steppin' with my weapon, cause they dont check 'em up I know niggas from 'round there and they dont check us All of the niggas was fans when I met 'em, just waitin' in the wind for niggas to come and get 'em On my next album, Im'a have some fun wit' 'em, spank 'em all around so everybody forget 'em They Envy, cause I got the 'hood in a frenzy And I move smooth with the wooden Benzy Blend in, niggas will body ya for a pen Baby need food, baby momma need fin You know me, New York cap on Batman whip that I got off a rap song Im the fan with the illegal strap on Teflon n a wife beater n black on Its on! [50 Cent talking..] Wassup? this the kid 50 Cent man Its going down, ya heard me? Niggas got me mad, ya talk, ya niggas got me all f**ked up.. Im finna kill few of you mother f**kers man.. Know what Im sayin'? Watch ya niggas say somethin' smart out ya mouth, boy You better stop usin' ya mouth, before I help you NOT be able to use ya mouth Mother f**ker!

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