Lyrics to 2 (Respect)
2 (Respect) Video:
(feat. Davy DMX)

Dave cut the record
Down to the bone
Now hes on the bass
I'm on the microphone
Real talk new york
So now we rock
1 rhyme at a time
Old school design
You candance to it
Romance to it
Throw your hands in the air
Take a chance to it
Run till its dark
Knock it out the park
Rock that box
With the real hip hop
Not on my watch
Ain't paying for pay
To pay no jox
Beats doing work
Rhymes in reverse
My hood is hurt
From all the dirt

Underneath them streets
And all concrete
Is mother earth
For all its worth

Pay attention
Cheapest price to pay
Might save your life
Give you another day
And rock on
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