Lyrics to 25 Stations
25 Stations Video:
Wake me at my station stranger
It's near the end of the line
The foothills of the mountains
It's a one hour fifteen minute ride
If the train's on time
It never runs on time

Sitting next to Ken the Sergeant Major
Well he's my kind of guy
Teaches me all about stranger danger
Just to pass the time as the wheels go round
As the wheels go round

Uh oh the ticket inspectors they get inside the train
Blue suits and golden buttons
Resplendent all the same

This train it's a stopping all stations
I get off near the end of the line
This train will stop 25 stations
Every station 'cept mine
Take me to my destination (home)

This woman larger than life and laughing in a purple canvas overcoat
She sits next to a slick young man
He dresses how he votes

There's a lot of her but there's not much him
Inside her fairy tale
He just deals with facts and numbers
He's not so good in the detail

Everyone's treated with suspicion
No one takes their gaze off the ground
There's no talk nothing amusing
Just this littlest hobo sound
As the wheels go round
Yes they go round

We live our half lives half asleep
We surf the motion ride alone
So wake me at my destination
Wake when I'm almost here
We fly past the billboards with their pictures
Selling cable radio TV

I'm waiting for my train
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