Lyrics to 20 Years Gone
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Twenty years ago like a friend of mine
didn't know shit myself and so I started to rhyme
they wouldn't believe me men tried to decieve the
progress no less yes its best you come and you read the
C.V for certain, you scream and start hurting
your here with fear now , the final curtain
come and drop down on the top sound your not around no more
you come upon the microphone I'll kill you on the dance floor
Five continents of cuts and two decades of deeds
didn't wanna get, it don't sweat it my heart bleeds
As I lead losers to the ledge and I'm a laugh as they leap
I learn â??em new fuckin' level of downward deep
Harddrive as my night becomes morning
I ventilate the vent to let out the vibe I been spawning
as my monitor start to murmer as I molest the microphone
I'm alone in my zone, I'm a low to the high tone

20 Years Gone...cayrrying on

I've seen...
DJ's tremble with trix I assemble the mix
a manner of the Mad Messiah I â??m required to eclipse
the clueless clones ,C'mon c'mon , the clowns collapse
the stage starts to groan under the weight of raps and traps
Shattered rappers scatter as I splatter mind over matter
to batter you fuckers with pyrotechnical patter , shatter
another fanatical gathering of chattering manikins
I begin a rhythm to rip in ritual ravaging
Imagining the passion of rapping I pack in every fricking ration of rap
as I entrap
The highly flammmable slightly satanical animal in me...
who's me? J...J...JC
And Le Peuple de L'Herbe living it live on line
London to Lyon by lyrical design
Redefine the rhyme the time for the grail
The beats so fucking bad that the bitch don't fail

20 Years Gone

20 years ago i got the flow
20 years back i like it like that
20 years pass i got the class
20 Years Gone and carrying on
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