20 Miles To Juarez Lyrics

Bob Wayne

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Lyrics to 20 Miles To Juarez
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She's a rambler, she's a gambler, she won't ever let you have her
She's an angel, she's the devil, she's always on the level
Don't you try to run with her, she'll just leave you in the dirt
Like she has so many men before

He's a sinner, he's a splinter, he's colder than the winter
He's a loner, he's a rebel, he;'s best friends with the devil
He'll walk this earth alone, he'll never find a home
He'll find you, he'll fool you and he'll go

I've been walking damn near all day
When we pulled off of the freeway
And I got in without question
Cause I always known I'd die young with a pistol on his lap
Next to a briefcase full of cash
I knew right then that I had met my match

She was walking down that highway when I pulled up right beside her
And even though I didn't know her, I could tell she was a wild one
There was bloodstains on her clothes
She said her name was Rose, she shut the door, I hit the gas

I asked her where she's goin', she said she didn't know
So I kept driving through the night
And no one said a word more, and then I pulled her close and
Touched the bloodstains on her clothes. I said Mexico, she nodded yes

We drove all through the night through
I woke up to sirens and shattered glass all on the dash
And he put that pistol in my hands and said 'woman, shoot to kill'
You know they surely will, I said 'hit the border, baby'
'I'll do the rest'

We were shootin', we were swervin'
Up ahead there was a curve and we was goin' way too fast
We let off the gas, but that choppa broke too slow
Threw off the side of the road
Next to a road sign said Juarez - 20 miles
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