Lyrics to 16 Going on 63
16 Going on 63 Video:
Not so long ago this would have bothered me
I didn't listen to listen to my friend shout
I thought I knew it inside out
And everywhere I go this thing would follow me
Blew my cover in secret talk
So nature that the plank was walked

I recall
How they all
Would call on me what a tragedy
I was 16 going on 63

So I learned to listen more selectively
So what I was was and what I'd be
When I made the choice it made them green
And I lived my life each day most carefully
I told my pride to step outside
My best friends then pulled me aside

Said we're all
Off the wall
No one's fault
It's just the age we were
Still the older me I'd much prefer

To call
From the bus
Made a loss to find the life which suits me best

I thank you for the talks we both know they do so much for me
And one thing that's for sure is that I'll always be company
So pull me down
The antics are such fun cause they're at what of the groove you see
But underneath the jock became a self defense casualty
__ __ the gown

Not so long ago this would have bothered me
I guess it's just the way I am
I stay in touch with all my friends
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