Lyrics to 139
139 Video:
At the feet of Jesus, my world changed
Everything is brighter
I see a picture of what I can be.

My life will never flee from what I've seen
Your heart is my desire
I wanna know You like the child You see

Where can I run from your love?
You search me and know all my heart.
If I climb to the heights You'll be there
If I make my bed in hell,
You'll lead me home

Before the earth existed You knew me
You called me to be holy
I will praise You for the way I'm made

How precious are the thoughts You think of me
Could anybody count them?
They are greater then the sands by the sea


I open up my heart; please search me through
Does anything displease You?
Lead me in the way of Your Cross

(Thanks to Britt for these lyrics)
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