Lyrics to 10:26
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It was all translucent
And we knew what we knew and we came out on the catwalk and climbed up to the top of the tightrope that was strung from our high hopes
You climbed up on my shoulders
We walked across

You, I know have a heart of gold
But that heart of gold's been turned to steel
You, I know have a heart of a child
But too many people told you how to feel

Well, there was blood on the face of the Mexican child
The light in his chest, they told him was guile
He screamed in the phone but all they could say was, "We know what we know."

And she already knew when she heard the tick, that the clock by the bed read 10:26
But it was one minute slow, one minute slow
No, I know what I know

And the headwind had turned not a minute too soon
The sail opened up like an army-knife spoon
And we made it shore, said "Oh my god, now I know what I know."

I know it's all about to go to sleep
Songs were done when I heard the melody
It's all green and gold
That's foolish, I know
I know
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