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What we all need to see
is that this is how humans can be:
noble, considerate, and loving.
The people spilled onto the lawn
they fed us food; they cheered us on.
Not in self-interest, but from a common bond.
And so I'll take that day and let my memory keep it's shape.
Wish I could give it to you, Kait.
Not so you'd live inside its walls,
just someplace to start off
until you don't need that old history at all
What idea could you be given the space to really breathe?
Noble, considerate, and loving.
Please don't cling to those old songs.
They say, "there's no sense moving on."
This is your new one:
my last gift and then I'm gone.
What idea could you be given the space to really breathe?
Oh, I loved you but let me go.
So many years ahead,
might as well greet them with a lighter load.
All the people I've meet raised a thousand open hands
all holding me up in a wave that stretches from back when.
It terrified me then but now I know how to be grateful
for that push that kept me from being scared of tomorrow.
I loved you but let me go.
Wish I could be the last hand in the crowd to push you on.
Wish I could be the final springboard you rely upon.
I know it's hard to make your feet dive from the ground they're on,
but it's time to do it, the water's warm.
And if all the lights go out
and down in the bottom there's no sound
just keep moving - you'll find solid ground.
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