Lyrics to 1000 Degrees
1000 Degrees Video:
[feat. LA the Darkman]

[Tony Yayo:]
I said I crush the competition these niggaz is cockaroaches
In the mornin, it's steak and eggs and moe out my mosses
I'm focused, the money got me cleaned up
My passport keep gettin stamped up
Lifes short I need money for that lam truck
My kids gotta eat gotta get my grams up
400, 500 degreez
I jump in a 600 cut the breeze
My long I get you shot at hoe
Shooter by the door, by your peep hole
You local, I'm universal
Peru have us smoking on that purple
My girls, got no morals
Talkin on that phone bitch still give me oral
My lifestyles cash nigga
The streets of ny time fly fast nigga
But I won't let it get to me
You know the money, the hoes and the jewellery

[La The Darkman:]
Men of armed forces guard my fortrice
Murder to protect my bein at any costs
Nigga I'm a winner I don't take no losses
0 10 ferrari 400 horses
Doin 140 whip like flying saucers
Came to get more green than golf courses
Nigga I'm major, I 12 gauge ya
For rappers with I'll, despicable behavior
Either respect my laws as a don
Or clash like auto bots verse the septicon
You bein warned, pussy know the deal
I fuck with my nigga yayo cause he kill
Fuck with the nigga 50 cause he real
It's like I coulda bein the unit how I feel
A monster relentless, a mobsters apprentice
A criminal, I'm a get a maid off sentence
Hustle, in the trenches, avoid willy lenchers
But I'm big willy when I'm playin with them bitches
2 in 3 benzs grace the drive
Maybach 62 or s65, ar 15
I copped an '05
Throw a nigga off a roof cause he think that he fly
That's a lie,

[Chorus x2: La The Darkman]
Nigga I'm high
A 1000 degreez, a face in my lap, them hoes on they knees
In the back of the back gettin high countin cheese
Niggaz can't tell me shit I squeeze
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