Lyrics to 1,2,3 Mr. B-I-G
1,2,3 Mr. B-I-G Video:
Say Dog Imma Playa Aint No Gangsta Phareal Plus Id Hate Ta Se Ant Black Man Get Killed **** But Now On Tha Cold Side If Ya Messin Wit 1 Of Mine Imma Half Ta Blow A Hole In Ya Spine Sum Times I Dont Even Give A **** Now You Gonn Let My Cd Get Yo *** ****Ed Up You Gon Think Just Cuz I Wrote A Few Raps I Want Slap Tha S*** Out Of Ya I Used To Show My *** Like Dat And Plus Alot Of Ya Chumps Dont Even Fight Back **** I Used Ta Drink Wine I Used Ta Smoke Joints I Used Ta Slap N****As Just Ta Take Dey Cuopons But Baby I Don Changed Cuz I Roled Up I Dont Sell Doupe No Mo Cuz My Album Blowed Up Im Tha Last Mr.Bigg Im All In Tha Sky All Ya H**S Just Sing

1,2,3 [x3]
His Name Is Mr.Bigg [x2]
And Cant You See Its All Bout H**S And W**D [x2]

You Got It Right Baby Im From Alabama Cheack Da Code Grammah Im F***Ing Bad B****Es All In Atlanta Man I Think Im Da S**T Tell Me Really Am I My Baby Momma Trip Some Times I Cant Stand Her Turn On Tha Tv Der Go Mc Hammer U Cant Touch The Last Mr.Bigg Turn Da Channel Dont Put Ya Hands On Anything In My Jeep I Dont Wach Nothin But Myself On Tv B**Ch I Got A New 40 Pound Meat And I Got 15 Stabs In Da Sink Im Bout Ta Hit Tha Street Ta Make A Lick Im Bout Ta Make All Deeze Hattas Get Sick Now Im Da Same N***A That They Used Ta Laugh At Now Im Tha One They Thro They Cash At Hey Mr.Bigg Wount Ya Tell Them How Ya Feel Country *** N***A Got A Bran New Deal I Retha Buy I Big House Before Some Rims And F**K A Platnum Chain I Can Buy Dat For My Kids Sing

[Chorus x2:]
1,2,3 [x3]
His Name Is Mr.Bigg [x2]
And Cant You See [x2]
Its All About H**S And W**D

[Until Fades Out]
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