Lyrics to 05.04.68
05.04.68 Video:
once we played hiding (and seeking) games
ran away (and) opened our eyes
(prayed to) fathers, suns, holy ghosts, dreams of life beyond our sights
but can we keep our souls innocent
not left behind?
(if not) we'll fade away
(disappear and all we see will be) erased by time watch it go by
watch it go by feel every grain of sand and i'll watch it all fly
under my toes
slip away slip away
and i feel every moment i'm losing
with the tide watch as we die
can we see it changing everything?
the lights dim with fading dreams disappear with pieces of non-plastic playgrounds
carried upon our sleeves and i swear everything that I've learned will probably just hurt me now
but everyone swears it will all be all right "as you grow and give away yourself you will be happier"
but everyone forgets who they all used to be
lights dim with dreams carried upon our sleeves and i don't ever want to lose the smile on my face
but everyone is fighting to keep their eyes down
but i want to stare straight at the sun even if it kills me
but everyone is too scared to die
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