Lyrics to 04.13.96 (one)
When did this become about fashion?

Remember to dress for success--music a thing to be bought and be sold, a badge you can wear on your chest.

When did this become about dating?

Who do you try to impress?

Who's cool, who's hot, who's hip, who's not--tell me who loves you the best.

When did this become about handouts?

When did you need something free?

You act and you talk like you've got something to give.

You think you have something we need.

But you do nothing.

When did we need invitations, an audience, or a request.

Sitting, waiting, always to settle for less.

You want this handed on a silver plate, but would that be worth anything?

Are we worth anything?

Are you worth anything

Listen, get up, go out, do something for yourself.
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