Lyrics to 007 Gold
007 Gold Video:
A spy sits in the car's dark shadow
I was driving straight to a hell
Just in time to my fave long drink as
Days run fast, no time for spell,
Yeah bloody fast.
Sweet home you're lost by far
And while the hotel is getting closer
A colt is shining high
Killer is smoothing his fine mauser.
Just let me take a shot
Before the party.
While climate becoms wide hot
And more, and more, and more.
Nobody knows the magic word,
Hiding behind the secret diamond key
You've got a license to kill
My shiva, golden eye
Got fever, like a fire
See people throwing dice
My shiva, golden eye
And now I'm about to shot him dead,
Just a frame before.
It's too late,
While guests keep on being unaware.
Like an action move actual scene,
Just a further step
In time, my daily life,
My colt smokes at the best.
Dirty rain is falling on the world
From Russia comes the beam
Of deadly brand new loves
All wrapped in gold.
Bright pictures from a golde star

And all the actoors leave the scene,
Riding on your dream
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