[Butcher Them High (Deliver Justice)] Lyrics

Jay Smoke

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Lyrics to [Butcher Them High (Deliver Justice)]
[Butcher Them High (Deliver Justice)] Video:
When I cross the graveyard, I hear the lamentations of the victim
I'm turning to a maniac, demented, "stick a javelin in him"
Slice his head with a machete, and drain the blood from his veins
scrape his brains out like Spaghetti, feed the lion his remains
She cried, Nobody heard her, Never covered her, when she lying on the road , disturbed her
Fuck the law, I wish it never existed, "What the fuck you waiting for?" "A twisted Christmas list??"
hang the motherfuckers, Don't act like you don't bother, If you delay, you would agonize on the grave of your young daughter..

Yes, I'm crazy, I'm lunatic, I would murder these motherfuckers then burn them with gasoline..
Think the life of the father who raised her, helpless, broken and naked.
reading the newspaper, Controversies of motherfuckers who raped her.
"C'mon, Whats up with this world?", "Why would you negotiate about these sinners like interest rates?"
You gotta hang em up! there's no doubt about it..
The truth is these bitches work for the government and they unnamed about it..

Listen to our voices, "Why the fuck are we paying taxes??"
Fuck the media, think this would happen to them, "Would they relax then??"
they just wanna capture the scene, but none of you bastards could feel her cry, lying on the road unconcealed and peeled..
wished they foreseen the day, If they stopped for some caffeine, or something between
that man was helpless. all he could do was scream, All you did was watch her, laugh at her..
a sweater would suffice, NO!!! just wetter got his eyes, "realized which was better??" or click a share for this open letter..

I say chop their balls and let them watch the video..
Upload the mix and give them free download..
Oh wait honey Singh sued for his crime to obscene lyrics..
"Since when did the government forget that he has got another "P" in him??"
This shit is getting serious, be prepared for the sinning,
There's gonna be a day when law protects the ones who pee in it..

failure flop flunkies rape, who cant find a girl friend.
Damn! motherfucker stick your cock in a grinder if you can't find one..
M raged mane!! M turning the mob into ya..
You better take a decision before your mom gets to ya..
slaughter them cowards, chicken heads, wicked men !!
Hang them high in the air where we all can fucking see them!

People get killed for opposing shit,
But I'm sure he'd die a death for a cause Cuz he's fighting this..
"Are you fine up there miss?" I know you up there listening, I bet the people who read this message would understand my Diss..
Rest with no peace until I shred the heads of these men and feed you a piece..!!
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