Lyrics to $5 An Hour
$5 An Hour Video:
See the white wreckage the ones who couldn't affor to leave the white pride
working poor who are really live and work with the ones we all hate who can
remember when their neighborhood looked brighter but somehow forget that
Italians used to be niggers and the Irish were the spics so at 0 years old
they eat shit for $5 an hour and just don't make the connections It makes the
first generation turn over in their immigrant graves - but what can you do?
See union local Uncle Joe, the ones who proved the American Dream can fuck
you harder without a color, As lost as can be when commercials come on tv for
insurance and cars and vacations, All the things white people are entitled to
as the fruit of this nation's lysol douched womb See the white wreckage ask
what the fuck is wrong with me
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