You Saw My Blinker (Bitch) Lyrics

Dj Jazzy Jeff

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Lyrics to You Saw My Blinker (Bitch)
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this is a story I'll never forgetabout the day my new car got hitit caught me off guard cause it happened so quickwhen I heard the crash I got mad as hellcruising down the highway fast not slowninety miles an hour in my 5.0people waving at me cause they know who I amalpine stero blasting a jamput the top down said my girlfriendthen my damn hat blew off in the windI got kinda mad cause it's the hat I just boughtI shoulda put her out it was all her faultday was friday date was tenmy girl was looking good on a stremshe smacked my hand when I put it on her rearsaid hit me again and I'll break your wristthat day I dressed all in whitetakin' my girl to Palm Springs for the nightI was hoping I could find a short cutI was tired plus I had a rash on my buttthere was this lady in a pinto coup'bout 90 years old I could tell by the droopdriving off fast borderline insaneglass so thick couldn't stay in her laneI swerved left then I swerved rightshe was still tailgating me too damn tightto the left lane I tried to switchthen you saw my blinker bitchwe both pulled off on the side of the roadI was hot ready to explodethe only thing stopping me from breaking her noseis I was 21 and she was 90 years oldthen the police came turn the lights offthe lady started cryin' and the cop got softthe cop said ah it'll be okwrinkled old bag lookin' like a charpeI said wait what's going on cap'her car's fine my car is wreckedthen I saw what happened in the crashher dentures came out her mouth and got stuck in the dashyou hit me I didn't hit youstop holding your neck lady you can't sueit's your fault you caused all thisyou saw my blinker bitchWednesday October the fourththat's when we got our day in courtthat lady destroyed my caseshe came in a wheelchair and a neck braceI jumped up I said you must be jokin'come on judge her neck ain't brokenwell I'll be damnedwrinkled old bag started cryin' on the standthe balif grabbed me slammed me on the groundjudge said boy you'd better calm downaren't you one of them damn rap singersyeah then I gave him the fingerjudge held me in contempt of courtfor givin' him the finger and things of that sortanything to say before you're dismissedjust one you saw my blinker bitch

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