Lyrics to VICKI IS A PRO
Heard about Vicki from a guy named Dan.
She's got blonde hair and a salon tan.
She makes you feel like you're the only man she knows.
Vicky never needs to criticize.
She will swallow all your stupid lies.
She's a pro.
Vicki is a pro.
She's never sleepy.
She's never mean.
No matter how she feels inside,
Vicki always claims she's satisfied.

Vicki doesn't care if you've got bad hair
She won't make fun of your underwear
Anywhere you pick is the perfect place to go

If your breath stinks, she won't tell you so.
The perfect girl for a guy like you to know.
She's a pro.
Vicki is a pro.
She won't compare you
to other guys
If your girlfriend's mad at you
You do what you've gotta do.

If you're always late, she won't complain.
She'll pretend she loves you just the same.
She's a pro.
Vicki is a pro.
She's never grumpy.
She's always fun.
No matter what a dork you are
She'll make you feel like a superstar.
Vicki's the best
Vicki's a pro
The kind of girl a guy like you should know.
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