Twinkle Twinkle (i'm Not A Star) Lyrics

Dj Jazzy Jeff

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Lyrics to Twinkle Twinkle (i'm Not A Star)
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i'm not ai'm not ai'm not ai'm not achorusi'm not atwinkle twinkle little starcome on y'all i aint noyes you areup above the clouds so highno not me i'm just a regular guytwinkle twinkle little starcome on y'all i aint noyes you areup above the clouds so highno not me i'm just a regular guychorusstar light star so brightfirst star that i see tonighti wish that i may, wish that i mightrip the rhyme just rightnow you all know how the old story goeshe went from rags to riches and changed as he goesto me that scenario doesn't apply my friend'cause i'm the same guy i've always beenjj fp one on one freem-o-v-i-e tv and cdknew you left brand new on the radiostep on the scene and the crowd screams daddiowhat? a star hats quite in anologyi don't think you and i should be described astrologicalyi told jeffrey buy me a carhe don't treat me any differentlychoruslets take a trip down memory laneyou know back before everybody knew my namebefore all the jewelry the fame and the cheerswhen i was just the kid with the big old earsin west philadelphi born and raisedthat's the phrase you hear on mondaysbut lets get a little bit deeper than thatback when jeff was on the scratchbackand i was on the rapi used to buy records at this audio storei barely had a dime when i walked out the doori tried to get a break but they could never seem to cut menow i've got the money and they wanna give me stuff for freethat's somethin that i'll never understandyo i can afford it give the break to the next manyou say i'm a star 'cause i'm large in the landbut excuse me what i do doesn't define who i amshaq, denzel, quincy jones what's the category?it's folks you look up tothe thousand dollar answer is up on the boardum who is a star(buzzer) sorry no scorepeople be flippin when they see me aroundbut yo don't trip just give me a poundstep up and say hi it don't matter who you arecome on what you all starin for?chorusout to see a movie chillin with my millieactin kind of sillyin downtown phillieyou wanna see a new flick i wanna see a classicso we flip a coin and we settle on jurassicpark the only thing that counts is we could do it upgot some popcorn for the theatereverything goin just finethen this girl from behind recognized me in the linei turned around and i smiled and she laughedshe said how you doin can i please have your autograph?i said ya and as she reached for her penher boyfriend said he aint nobody f himf me yo what did i do?watch your mouth man i don't even know youi'm a peaceful man real easyi said look you got a problem with mehe said ya i don't like the way you actcars and jewelry and wavin like you all thati'm not sweatin you no matter who you arei didn't ask you to homieChorus 2xtwinkle twinkle little startwinkle twinkle little star

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