Turn Coat [2nd Version] Lyrics

Fast H

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Lyrics to Turn Coat [2nd Version]
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You betrayed me
And you hate me
For all the shit I say
Like calling you gay
So what if you're straight
You don't act like it
You act like a queer
Whenever I'm near

All turncoats can go to hell
And by the way you smell
Like something out of my ass
Don't brag about being smart
I never even go to class

Oh yeah, By the way,
Don't call me slow
Cause I am faster in the mile
Stupid Trial of friendship

All turncoats can bite me
And you're too weak
To fight me
Don't brag about your accomplishments
Cause no one gives a damn
You just suck, and I'm the man

STOP competing
So what if the only way i can win
Is by cheating
I hate the way you do
The way you talk
The way I suck

All turncoats can go and die
You ask too many questions
Don't ask me why
I wish you never spoke to me
Cause whenever you do
I get angry

After all this shit
You'd think I'd want to apologize?
Look at me
Into my eyes
I'm not saying I don't want you as a friend
I'm just sating it's something time can't mend
You are there
I am here
I am straight
And you are Queer
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