There They Go (feat. Big Herc, Eminem, Big Herc, Trick Trick) Lyrics

Obie Trice

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Lyrics to There They Go (feat. Big Herc, Eminem, Big Herc, Trick Trick)
There They Go (feat. Big Herc, Eminem, Big Herc, Trick Trick) Video:
[Intro: Obie Trice] Yeah Ay, Em, you ready? Herc, you got them thangs nigga? (you know) Detroit city! [Chorus: Obie Trice] There they go, them D-town boys carry the Calico Whenever there's war, you gotsta know Them boys got toys tear down the front door Detroit make noise everywhere that we go There they go, there they go [1st verse: Obie Trice] You are not convincing When Detroit blocks stay flocked with henchmen Niggaz get popped for instance, infrared dot for distance Get knocked by the cops, cop on some pen shit Straight detention, a nigga doing tension Once released he on that music buisness When viewing 106 and them cafeterias Only to find that rap's actually serious Deliriously resort back to crack and vigilence Same shit that sent em upper Michigan Us is pimping, a difference, from any city I visited It's that Detroit spirit and if we in it, balling out till the ending, period Use O as a reference to that sentence The message I'm sending you, best just pay attention [Chorus] [2nd Verse: Big Herc] If you don't like how I act then blow me I don't really give a shit, I represent the real cats who know me Man what's up with that scratch you owe me? Now run my chips before we fall out like Shaq and Kobe Big Herc on a track with Obie, when you come to the D It's cut-throat, better be packing homie And niggaz get they shit split for acting phonie We're known for the glocks and the choppas These niggaz'll rob you, leave you standing in ya socks and ya boxers We got real G's and lots of imposters I smoke the real trees, see I cop from the rastas Ya'll niggaz ain't impress me yet Ya'll yapping, not rapping, turn that shit off and press eject See we known for the car shows, running from the narcos Keep them bottles coming, we gon pop em till the bar close [Chorus] [3rd Verse: Eminem] Meat cleaver, leave a gas in a bitches ass See her dreams of being an R&B singer diva Leave her face, cut her from the waist Ah man what a waste, of a pretty face And this place ain't just safe, it's just straight gangsta It ain't just New York or L.A. that pains no more There's Latin Coun' Kings here Southside, four, East Side and Gansen Nuthin but ganglands and, spray paint cans And when that van rolls up, man they ain't glancing That window rolls down and that tre-eight's dancing And them shooters don't miss, homie they hate chancing Straight for the dome and it's vacate fast and Get the fuck outta dodge 'fore that blue Dodge flashing Red and blue lights, no ambulance, you got flattened And this was not supposed to be no Detroit anthem But just so ya know, if ya see them D-Boys passing [Chorus] [Outro: Trick Trick] Here we go motherfuckers This the motherfuckin back acha Trick Don't even dream of fucking up in Detroit, bitch This is where the real killers at Detroit motherfucker! Ain't never no difficulty smashing no bitch ass niggaz Matter of fact, bring your bitch ass to Detroit nigga We got something for your ass [Gun shots fade out] [Laughter]

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