The Air Is So Full.. But Now, Now It Is Clear Lyrics

Waiting Till Forever

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Lyrics to The Air Is So Full.. But Now, Now It Is Clear
The Air Is So Full.. But Now, Now It Is Clear Video:
i should of known that this wouldnt work out, the first time you hurt me
it was only just a couple weeks from when we started dating
you thought that you were so cool, to inhale that gas through the rag
and when you started to trip out, i was no where to be found
i told you not to do that, but you didnt give a fuck what i thought
and from that the moment i should of knew you would repeatedly get caught

nothing compares to what happened 5 months later
6 month anniversary i accidentally stumbled on a message
it was not too me yet is was oh so revealing
the worst part was you called him babe, and i thought that was my name
you broke my heart for the first time, that night
and even after that horrible act, i still took you back.
you promised you would never break it, ever again.
but you knew that you couldnt keep that promise

the only reason that i took you back, was i thought you would change
and thats the only reason that i put up with all of these things
and now i question if it was worth it, the good and bad memories
make me feel so confused but i need to remember all the horrible things

because its the only way i will get past you
when i am with you i am reminded how much anger i have towards you
thats why we always fight its because all this is stuck in my head
and i wish i could just forget all this but its not easy when you lived it
with each day that passes, i am getting closer to that point
but till that day i wish i could just get away from these feelings
they eat me even when im not with you i think about all of this
and how fucked up it was that i even had to go through it

so now ill wait here till forever hoping to move on.
and every time i see you i will think of this song
so it will remind me of all the things you did so wrong
make me realize how much better off that i am
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