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Pretty Maids

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Lyrics to For Once In Your Life
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Hanging by the phone waiting impatientlyI'm in a minor key but still there's no replySitting counting days going through endless nightsBut baby still the light of your star fills my skyHere we are facing trouble againWe've been down this road beforeThere ain't no point in this struggle my friendLove will find awayFor once in your lifeGive in to surrenderLet the tears of your prideFlow away in the rainAnd start all overAll you left was just a bunch of photographsThe slices of the past and now we're worlds apartBut baby your picture makes no substituteIt can't replace the beauty the fire in your heartAnd now we're stuck with all the hurting and liesAll the foolish things we sayMaybe we both could need a pair of new eyesAnd see things the same now babyChorusIf love still stand a chanceLife still goes onIn the name of romanceYou're still the oneGirl without your love I feel so out of placeA man without a face my heart has broke in twoI'm feeling blueSo girl you've got to give me all your tendernessYou know that one sweet kiss will make my dreams come trueI'm beggin for youWhy don't we break the chain of pain andr each outFor the healing hands of loveAnd rediscover what it's all aboutAnd let love begin now babyChorusLets start all overAll over again

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