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Lyrics to Just One Of Those Days
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have you ever in your life experienced a daywhere nothing at all seems to go your wayno matter how hard you try to get out of the rutyou just could not break the string of bad lucka day where murphy's law takes over your lifeand you just can't seem to do a darn thing rightand when the day was over you just had to sayyou said man it's just one of those daysmy day started off kind of cooli brushed my teeth i comed my hair and i got dressed and went to schooli stopped at the store for a breakfast snacka tasty cake and orange juice and a bubble yum packabout that point i proceeded to classi spoke to all the pretty girls that i passedi went to my room which was on the first floori had no idea what i was in fori sat in my desk and minded my own businesssomeone knocked on the door the teacher said who is itthis girl walked in my imigination ran wildshe stole my heart just by the way that she smiledi couldn't resist so i grabbed her buttshe said what's wrong with you fool are you some kind of nutthe teacher turned around while my arm was extendedshe looked me in the face and said prince you're suspendedi said your tripping it's just a bad habitshe put it in my face she must've wanted me to grab iti pleaded my case but she wrote the pink slipthen i just shoke my head i said i don't beleive thisshe sent me to the head of the discipline staffi tried to play it off so i started to laughi said ha ha this story is greatit's a big misunderstanding one big mistakehe didn't think that it was funny he didn't even smilehe said mmm mmm mmm you're an unlucky childi stopped laughing and i said why is thathe said just get out my school and don't you ever come backi said wait this is my school and you're telling me to leave ithe handed me my books and said yep you'd best beleive itas i walked out the school back at the wall i did gazeand said man it's just one of those daysi woke up around a quarter to eighti wiped the sleep from out my eyes and i was feeling greati flipped my radio on and to my utter surprisei thought that it was eight o'clock but it was half past ninei hopped up and put my feet on the floorran to the bathroom then i (ow) hit my foot on the doorthe pain was immense as it started to throbi said to hell with broken toes i was losing my jobso i combed my hair then i brushed my teeththrew on my fila suit and my fila sneaksthrew on my fila underwear and my fila hatthen iran downstairs and kicked the fila cati grabbed my jacket then i grabbed my keysthen i prayed out loud car start pleasethe car started but what good was thati couldn't drive it anyway because the tires were flati did the hundred yard dash to the top of my blockthen i grabbed a dollar bill from my left sweat sockthe bus pulled up i was late and kind of nervousi got real mad because the sign said out of servicei started hiking it i wasn't liking iti saw a little kid i stole his bike and started biking iti thought i got away but when i ducked around the cornerthere was twelve cop cars i said i'm a gonerslamed on the flat i did 180 turnpeddled the bike so fast i heard the rubble burnwith the cops in hot pursuit i started feeling like a jerki thought man all of this cause i was trying to get to worki could've got away i almost had 'em shooktil this girl walked by something said not to lookbut i thought what the heck a little peek can't hurtbut she made me miss the sign that said men at worki screamed out loud as i crashed through the baracadei saw my whole life flash before my facei felt kind of dizzy all i saw was starsi put my hands over my eyes and settled on the handle barsthat was stupid i got off trackcause about that point everything went blackthe next thing i remember is a head ache naggingi woke up face down in the back of a paddy wagoni pinched myself to make sure i wasn't deada big flinstone lump on the side of my headthey took my picture and my finger printsi said wait you can't arrest me i'm the fresh princei demand that you release me you incompetent foolyou can't arrest me i'm the prince you know the rulesyou got five seconds 'fore i punch out your lightsbut then the cop pulled out his gun i said ha ha psychei had a call so i called my bossi figured i might as well what else could be lostboss i'm sorry that i couldn't make it todayhe said what are you talking about you're off today is saturdaystuck in a cell scared as helli'm a hungry kind of tired and i hate this awful smellmaybe one day i'll get smart and change my waysbut for now it's just one of those daysit's just one of those days

Songwriters: Smith, Shaye / Evans, Matt
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