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Dj Jazzy Jeff

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Lyrics to I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
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i was in jeff's crib one night about 8 (yup)and we were watchin' a couple of mike tyson fight tapesjeff was like man you see how hard mike's punchin'c'mon jeff the other guy was just lungin'left right left right another k.o. (ooh)if that was me i'da bee nokay thoughthe very next day i gave russel a ringwith j.l. and leore we all called don kingi said yeah don i gotta problem (tell 'im prince)yeah what's up whatchoo sayin' you tryin' a solve emforget the small talk let's get to the nitty grittyme an' mike two months trump atlantic cityyo you got this you gonna bus' dude upyeah you can be my trainer word upi'm rough like a freight train smooth like icin'yo jeff straight up i think i can beat mike tysonthere was a press conference to see what training i was doin'before then i had never heard reporters booin'cameras flashin' i was in the middlei didn't wanna look dumb so i exaggerated a littlei said uh i been training twenty hours a dayliftin' big ol' cars and big bales of hay (i seen you do it)and i jog ten thousand miles every mornin'thinkin' about mike in my moment of glory (tell 'em more)i drink water twenty gallons a popand i can throw a volkswagon a whole half block (he can do it too)and four million situps in a minutei ain't lyin' i did it!the general public thought i was a fooli was gettin' dissed but i guess that was coolthough you know gettin' dissed is never goodbut i was even gettin' dissed in my own neighborhoodi was at the corner at the top of my blockthere was a couple of people standin outside the barber shopit was lawrence my barber and frannyhe yelled out hey prince you can wini said really and i stopped to chatyou can beat him man if you hit 'im wit a bat (hah ha ha)you gonna get wreckedbut can i have yo shoes when you break your neck?everybody was laughin' out loudi thought at least my own grandma would be proudi went to her house and snuck in and surprise heri heard her on the phone a thousand bucks on tysonit's fight day and man am i hypedwoah i can't wait to see mikeboy i'm hyped ready to do my thingtrump castle casino (ding ding)i came out hustlin' slidin' and a grabbin'slippin' and dippin' hustlin' and jabbin' (yeah)for a second i looked good out therebut then mike brought to reality my worst nightmareone punch that's all it took (ooooh)he hit me in my ribs and my insides shooknow how can i say this and be a little discreetlet's just say that my bowels releasedi called time out and went back to my cornersaid to my coach ain' no way i goin'the hell back out there man you can forget itmy body's like a punchin' bag and mike is gonna hit itthey tried to make me go meet my doombut i ____er punched my coach and hauled to my dressin' roomthe next day the headline in the townfresh prince breaks camp tyson wins first roundsome fool asked why i ran awayi said a good run is better than a bad stand any daymy career is over as far as fightin'but i don't know what made me think i could beat mike tyson

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