Lyrics to Gordon Paul
Gordon Paul Video:
let's travel under the floorboards
let's sing to the curtains
we are all carpeted
we are all painted
we're becoming the walls of this house
so let's burn down
i am a window (i am a window)
i am transparent (i am transparent) i am the air in which you are standing
we are the lawn and we will exist when this house is gone
but we're not scared, though we should be scared
our voices fill the house then out the windows and into the yard, where smoke and grass are holding our hands
we're not alone in our interests inside the rooms that connect us
we will become everything, we'll shatter as the doorball sings
we can be everywhere just like the carpet in this house
we're moved in and peeling the layers of skin we drag around
and burning the kindling the embers, they make a simple sound
the stone walls are sweating and our friends are dancing in the dark
the friction brings a reaction and this house was waiting for a spark
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