Drivin' Thru My Heart Lyrics

The Donnas

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Lyrics to Drivin' Thru My Heart
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V1. Tore out my heart and you ran it over
You never said goodbye
Crushed it like a can in your landrover
Why won't you tell me why

Int. You drive away and you don't come back
My flat heart's lyin in the middle of the race track

Ch. Stop drivin thru my heart
You ditched me at the mini mart
Stop drivin thru my heart
You've gotta finish what you start

V2. You dumped me for the third time yesterday
And you've got someone new
I saw you with her and I ran away
You've got another heart to drive thru

V3. I need a doctor kinda sorta
What's wrong with me
He said there's a skidmark on my aorta
And there's no remedy

Ch. 2X
Songwriters: Castellano, Torrance / Anderson, Brett / Robertson, Allison / Ford, Maya
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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