Cadillac Rap [Interlude] Lyrics

Carl Thomas

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Lyrics to Cadillac Rap [Interlude]
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[Man] Can I sit and talk to you for a second [Woman] Whassup, whassup? [Man] It's like baby, when I look at you You know what I'm sayin', it's like in the morning The stars, you know what I'm saying And everything I can do for that You're like everything I ever wanted and dreamed in a woman It's like and everytime when I look at you You know that girl? [Woman] Really? [Man] Yeah, it's like uh, you know the first time I saw you You know what I'm saying, it's almost like See what I'm saying? It's like the heaven and the moon and stars You look like the vision, you look like Venus to me You know what I'm saying? And make some, um, just trust me I got you, you know what I'm saying? Everybody see what I'm sayin', ok backup [Phone rings] Yo, her love for sale I'll be right back, huh? Let me take this Yeah, hello? [Woman in background] Lemme get the hell outta here [Man] Yeah baby, whassup don? [Woman in background] 'fore this nigga get back, too crazy [Man] I'll call ya right back, yeah Yeah, like I was saying baby, I have to... Baby? Baby?

Songwriters: Thomas, Carl / Henderson, Michael E
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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