Lyrics to Aaaa [1]
Aaaa [1] Video:
Did the white one think you're black
And the black one thinks you're white
The country man thinks your rock
And the rockers say you're just not right

Do you alternate there in between
Coming up with the best sound anyone has seen
Well that's my country
This is my zone
Arizona Amp And Alternator

Do you feel it's all misunderstood
But you know it's way too good to just nix it
When something ain't broke around here
You don't fix it

The yellow one thinks your green
The green one says you're yellow
The kind one thinks your mean
And the mean one says you're mellow


Arizona Amp And Alternator

?I don't know, what do you think ??
?hey man, are you a native ??
?I'm an alter native.?
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