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Lately I've been trying to stop lying
But I be lying if I said that I wasn't blinded by that ass girl
And I would go to hell as well if I say you didn't smell like Victoria's secret when you pass girl
And that plain skirt you got on let's a n-gga know that you just might have some class girl
So you gotta have you some brain
And with all due respect you gotta pass it to Pain
Gots to pass it to Wayne
And Wayne past holding he pass you to Mack Maine
Or I can take you Solo for Dolo
Have you getting out of the Lambourghini in slow Mo
But I ain't trying to butter you up
I'm trying to f-ck you in the kitchen let me butter you up
Where's my manners, which one you like
Butter or syrup?
Let me show you what miss butter is worth.

[Chorus: T-Pain]
Ohhhh, what it is,
Baby don't act stupid (ohhh noooo)
Come on now let's do this
Got the waist of a wasp and the ass of a horse
And she already know what it is
Baby your so perfect
So I know I'm bout merk it
Got the waist of a wasp and the ass of a horse
And she already know what it is

[Lil Wayne:]
Shorty want a real n-gga
Construction have Weezy I'm a deal with her [? ]
She be my meal after I have a meal with her
Then I deal with her
Now won't ya shake like a dog
Hop like a frog
Ride it like a horse
Scream, holla till ya lose your voice

Promise I know how to love, know what to do with ya heart
Shorty you so much of a target I hit you with a dart
Ooh bullseye baby, ooh ayy baby
Can I stick my finger in your apple pie baby
Now I know everybody want a piece of pie
But you know that they ain't greedy as I
Now won't you do it like I told you
Send a pic I download it
Cause I promise in my sidekick you got your own folder
If you keep f-cking with me you gon get your own chauffeur
First put your legs on my shoulders


[Lil Wayne:]
Now usually I don't go to hole first night with a girl on the very first night
But you got to [? ] make a n-gga feel like you
Supposed to be a n-gga's wife
And technically I don't believe in falling in love
If the love don't, don't even love
So with you I'm gon be giving love yeah
And really I don't be calling out like that no more less it's a shot
But you only go to the top
Now whatcha, whatcha think about that
Whatcha think about that
Whatcha think about that
Whatcha think about that


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