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Lyrics to With Eyes Wide Shut
I know I'm not there to hold you
Look up see the sky that I do
You make me the happiest of men
I am the happiest of men

And if god takes me before you
I just want you to know I love you
And you made me the strongest of all men
I'll remain the happiest of men

2x (The happiest, the happiest, the happiest of men)

You made me the happiest of men
I'll remain the happiest of men

I miss you
Baby close your eyes
Let's meet
In our dreams tonight

(Thanks to Jakob for these lyrics)

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ilyfe rjh.
& i love this song:)
[Posted on Oct 6, 2009 a 02:48 pm]
This is such a beautiful song, I love how Craig sang it, it is so peaceful and the lyrics make it so cute :D
[Posted on Aug 30, 2009 a 10:13 am]