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Witches At Weekend lyrics


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Lyrics to Witches At Weekend
It's that time finally Sarah and Eve are under the cliff
Look high up at the castle a long steep track separating
So they start walkin' up with theme many many others
Merely women witches are called but what can trouble their reunion?
Wow it's a mummy!!!!
Listen man,what d'you want,realize you're out of place
"I'm the man we lead the world"
Eve was right at least today we don't care about traditions
"No refuse,you're ending here"
Keep in mind,what we do is to claim our freedom
"You're wrong,no place's for you"
Now it's up,we stay here,let's have fun assaulting you
"Fools,my bends now are bonded on you"
Aaahh I'm a mummy!!!!

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