Will They Love Him Lyrics

Will They Love Him lyrics

Leslie Phillips

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Lyrics to Will They Love Him
What's in the Father's mind Why does He have to go And if I can't go with Him There's one thing I must know Will they love Him, Will they love Him like I do? Will they serve Him, Take care of Him like I do? I'm afraid to watch Him go Afraid their hearts aren't true Oh, will they love Him, Love Him like I do? What can you say when all is lost When the light of day has gone away? Well, that's how it feels to watch him go Down to earth, to a humble birth And as he goes away, I hear my heart say How can we sing when he is gone We've lost everything when we've lost our king And why does he go just like a man Small and weak, humble and meek And as he goes away, I hear my heart say

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